WMP11 Inspirat by Rubenernesto

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WMP11 Inspirat by Rubenernesto

I present to WMP11 inspirat by rubenernesto I toss in the peru for the world, he/she also brings 5 skins for styler toolbar in Spanish, French, German, English, Slovak and Portuguese or Brazilian, and a skins that I lacked in French is about my office Obsidian Black French that I made it with a lot of appreciation for my French friends.

For my WMP11 skin for STYLER wants to thank from heart to fantastic Wolf and its wonderful fullmedia for styler that my it served as Inspiration, then to my friend and teacher Leosss for its visual wonderful style MiWMP11, also to thank my friend for Ironjer for its support.

And to appreciate to the source of all my Inspirations mainly my LOVE DANIELA for that without her me serious anything and he/she would not have art.

I should also appreciate to my French, Chinese friends and especially to Archann to diffuse my Works to the world in their fantastic webpage VistaLive.

I mean all the users of WindowsBlind that always claim me works for that program that me pleasant he/she would make it but at the moment I don't have a Powerful Videocard mine it is very basic and it doesn't accept transparencies, but already after a good Videocard gets me if with pleasure I will make works for wonderful Windowsblind and the truth I need it urgent for that I have good ideas for visual next stylos and I believe that alone I will make them for the windowsBlinds for that the program that I use now limits me a lot and I don't like that, I will already surprise soon them dear deviant Friends and if some could help me he/she would appreciate it much alone adds me to its mail and there we converse.

Thank You Deviantart.
Thank You Creep.ru.
Thank You Crystal Xp.