Phoenix Recover Pro v6.01 20060526

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Практически каждому пользователю знакомы проблемы потери данных или сбоя системы, связанные с атаками вирусов или другими негативными факторами. Программа Recover Pro от Phoenix Technologies позволяет защититься от подобных неприятностей, обладая дружественным, понятным интерфейсом и многочисленными функциями. Резервирование может проводиться как на скрытый раздел, так и на диски, а для восстановления используется специальное окружение, независимое от Windows.


Recover Pro 6 is a PC recovery solution that enables immediate system recovery, without external media or network connectivity even when Windows won't boot.
Recover Pro 6 lets you completely restore your hard drive to a previously known working state, including operating system files, applications, settings, and data files or selectively restore a deleted or overwritten file or previously saved file revision. Recover Pro 6 offers unparalleled security because the actual recovery data is stored in a secure area of the hard drive that is not vulnerable to Windows disasters.
Repairing a damaged system can take hours and doesn't guarantee you'll be able to restore your system to the condition it was in before the disaster occurred. Most PC failures result from damaged or corrupted system files. These are more often than not a direct result of a virus or malware attack, an incompatible software installation, or other software problem. Recover Pro 6 is a PC Recovery solution that eliminates this problem, and ensures immediate system recovery even when Windows won't boot. Recover Pro 6 reduces support costs, improves business productivity, and enhances user satisfaction.